Most times, it takes quite a bit of hiking to see something truly amazing. That’s not the case at this largely unknown location in Shawnee National Forest. I’m talking about the Pomona Natural Bridge, located in Pomona, Illinois. This bridge is on a trail that is just .3 miles. Trail length and trail conditions make this safe even for younger kids.

About .25 miles into the walk, you will begin to see the bridge. Wow! The bridge is naturally cut, probably from many, many years of water wearing at it. The bridge is 90 feet long and 8 feet wide at its largest point. But you don’t just get this incredible bridge on this hike. There is also a small cave underneath it! It’s shallow, but it’s still enjoyable to see. That’s just a few yards away from the bridge.

Here is a photo of what this amazing natural bridge looks like:

Here is a video that shows you exactly what you will discover along this hike:

Have you done this hike before?

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