The Magical Polar Express Train Ride in Illinois Everyone Should Experience At Least Once

Whether you were read this book every Christmas as a child or you read it to your kids now, The Polar Express has had the ability to touch many readers’ lives and take them on a mystical journey to the North Pole. Now that magic and mystery have come to life here in Illinois.

That’s right! Enjoy the beauty and magic of your childhood book all over again, except this time you now have a round-trip ticket on a real-life Polar Express. It’s important to note that the holiday cheer has come a bit early this year to this great state and while Chicago’s Polar Express still has tickets for sale, Monticello and Fox River’s Polar Express are already sold out for 2016 (so keep your eyes and ears open for 2017’s fantastic festivities if you don’t get to partake in them this year).

Make the holidays come alive for you and the family by snagging tickets to this must-see attraction that will be nothing short of fantastical. If you’ve already taken a ride on the Polar Express in the past we would love to hear your wonderful Polar Express stories of Christmas celebration and good cheer to warm our hearts.