The Idaho Wine Trolley Tour You’ll Absolutely Love

Most people don’t seem to realize that Idaho is home to an incredible wine scene. In fact, there’s even an entire region of the state—called the Sunnyslope Wine Region—that is home to dozens of wineries. If you haven’t heard of this region before, you’ll want to make it your mission to experience it ASAP. It should be easy, especially if you take advantage of this delightful wine trolley tour. This tour takes you and your friends on the ride of a lifetime, with multiple stops at some of Idaho’s greatest wineries and vineyards. It’s a tour that you’ll be talking about for ages so check it out!

What do you think? Will you be booking a wine trolley tour anytime soon? Idaho’s wine scene is definitely one of our state’s best-kept secrets. If this tour sounded amazing to you, be sure to check out This Idaho Winery Where You Can Spend The Night.