12 Amazing Field Trips Every Idahoan Took As A Kid (And Should Retake Now)

As just about any kid will tell you, the best days of the schoolyear are field trip days – a distant second would be the occasional movie day (even those monotone documentaries were better than endless worksheets!) Whether to the zoo, the local museum, or to somewhere a little more exotic, getting out and learning a few new tidbits while seeing old sights is always worth it! But, I’ll let you in on a little secret… you don’t have to be eight years old to take a field trip or enjoy your state from a new perspective. In fact, if you cast your adult-hat aside and step back into childhood for a day, you might just find yourself caught up in awe of our historic and diverse state. Take the time to explore all those places you explored as a child, and you might just be surprised at how little (or much) things have changed. For a day of fun reliving your childhood rediscovering the joy of discovery, here are 12 places you’ve probably already visited, but should definitely take a second look at:

Ah, nostalgia! Where was your favorite field trip as a child? Let us know!

What other epic things are there to do in Idaho during the summer?

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