The Secret Waterfall In Idaho That Most People Don’t Know About

It’s that wonderful time of year where many of our state’s waterfalls are flowing at full force. It gives us the perfect chance to seek one out. Most Idahoans have heard of iconic Gem State destinations like Shoshone Falls or Mesa Falls, but our state is filled with gorgeous lesser-known waterfalls that are just as worthy of an adventure. In fact, the secret waterfall featured here is a breathtaking sight that you’ll be glad you made the journey for! This unique natural wonder is a must for any Idahoan so check it out.

Did you know about this secret waterfall? What’s your favorite waterfall to visit during this time of year? Let us know in the comments! Check out our list of 10 Unbelievable Waterfalls In Idaho Hiding In Plain Sight for more breathtaking destinations like Goat Falls.