This Tiny Idaho Town Is Hiding Some Of The Purest Water On Earth

Hidden away on the far eastern side of Idaho is the small town of Soda Springs. This quaint town of just 3,000 people closely resembles any other small town in eastern Idaho, except for one thing. This place is known for their water. The town’s name even refers to the fact that the area is covered in numerous natural springs, after all. You’ll definitely want to stop by Soda Springs and get a taste of the natural spring water that you can find all around town. Here you can get a taste of the purest water you’ve ever tasted. Trust us. You’ve never had water like this before.

Have you visited Soda Springs? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below! The best thing about living in Idaho is discovering the unique characteristics of our beautiful small towns. Check out this Little Known Town In Idaho That Might Just Be The Most Unique In The World.