9 Restaurants in Idaho to Get Mexican Food That Will Blow Your Mind

If you do an Internet search for the best Mexican restaurants in Idaho, authentic south of the border cuisine lovers will see a disappointingly high number of chains rise to the top of the list. But we all know that true, greasy, hearty Mexican food doesn’t come in a brown paper bag — it’s all about the family recipes, slow cooking times, and exorbitant amounts of spices and meat piled high and fried in every conceivable way. Am I right?

You know I am.

Here are 9 of Idaho’s top Mexican restaurants ready to satisfy your biggest carne asada and taco cravings.

Mexican food – Tex-Mex, Latin, Baja, and all of its derivatives – is just plain ol’ Mexican food unless it’s done right. And these restaurants do it impeccably.

Where’s your favorite go-to restaurant in Idaho for awesome Mexican food?