10 Places To Get Tacos That Are Out Of This World Good In Idaho

Ah, tacos.

Whether you’re a Mexican food aficionado, a passionate “Taco Tuesday” enthusiast, or just a hungry Idahoan with a hankering for meat, handmade tortillas, and all the fixings, our state has got you covered when it comes to this delicious food staple. Of course, when it comes to the all-mighty taco, there are more than just the south-of-the-border kind! From fresh fish tacos and fancied up Northwest-flair tacos, to traditional tortilla goodness just the way you’d find it in Mexico, we’ve scoured Idaho for the best taco trucks, brick and mortar taco joints, and good old fashioned taquerias. These 10 restaurants will serve you some out of this world taco goodness – and believe me, they’re perfect for any occasion!

While the Magic Valley is particularly renowned for its “Taco Belt,” which stretches from Gooding to Twin Falls in a line of delicious-smelling trucks every few miles (do I sense a taco road trip coming up?), it’s obvious that amazing tacos can be found all over the state! Now, we want to know where your favorite places are to grab a delicious taco.