11 Words You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Idaho

Idahoans don’t have an accent — at least that we know of — but we do have our own language of sorts. Truth be told, it can be hard to pinpoint unique language qualities and phrases that are unique to Idaho as a state, rather than to one specific part, but there are are few habits many of us seem to share. Sure, our colloquialisms and tendencies may befuddle outsiders and urban-dwellers every now and then, but that’s simply because all those skyscrapers affect their ability to speak correctly, right? Yep, here in Idaho, we pronounce things, name things, and navigate by things using their proper linguistic form… most of the time.

Here are some unique things you might just hear fellow Idahoans say.

Jockeybox, switchbacks, 4-Wheeler vs. Quad… the list goes on! Yay or nay? What are some words or sayings that evoke a feeling of Idaho nostalgia for you?? Share them below!