There’s A Restaurant On This Remote Idaho Farm You’ll Want To Visit

There are a lot of restaurants claiming to be “farm-to-table” these days, but one particular Idaho gem is set in a gorgeous, must-see space: a restored historic farmhouse on the original farm. Tucked away in Hayden, Idaho, this relatively new cafe is just a stone’s throw away from the original picture-perfect barn and silo, making it a pleasantly charming place to dine despite its city locale. To make things extra special, in a world that prizes fast food and ready-made eats, this little cafe is all about cooking up their menu items from scratch, just the way they should be! Unique pies, creative and swoon-worthy cinnamon rolls… don’t even get me started on the photo-worthy desserts! And since it’s all served in a rustic space that is impossible not to love, you’ll feel just as close to Idaho’s rural roots as if you were dining in grandma’s kitchen.

I just love our state’s wonderful local gems! And what could be better than dining in rural style? You can find Chomper Cafe in all of its delightful farmhouse charm at 2345 W. Prairie Ave. in Hayden.

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