Everyone In Idaho Should Visit This Epic Hot Spring As Soon As Possible

The best time to visit a hot spring in Idaho is any time! The Gem State has an abundance of natural hot springs that are perfect for soaking any time of the year. Soaking in Kirkham Hot Springs will make you feel like you’re in a dream. The stunning scenery and the perfect pools make for an incredible way to relax and take in all of what Idaho has to offer. This particular natural hot spring in Idaho is a quintessential example of the Gem State’s amazing natural pools. We’re pretty lucky to live in a state where a place like this is just a short drive away.

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Have you been to Kirkham Hot Springs? What time of year did you visit? We’d love to hear all about your experience at these natural hot springs in Idaho in the comments.

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Address: Kirkham Hot Springs, Idaho 21, Lowman, ID, USA
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Hot Springs In Idaho

February 05, 2022

What are some of the best winter getaways in Idaho?

When you need to get away from the stresses of daily life, Idaho has a long list of possibilities. All over the Gem State are delightful, relaxing, and rejuvenating winter getaways. When you are searching for a destination that offers solitude, quiet, and comfort, we suggest staying in a cozy cabin. There are many vacation rentals in Idaho where you will find yourself nestled in the mountains, in a private cabin, and with remarkable scenery.

Maybe a glamping experience is more your style when searching for the best winter getaways in Idaho. Harriman State Park is home to several yurts. You can spend your days exploring this state park, head into Yellowstone National Park, or just curl up with a good book next to the wood-burning stove.

What are some natural hot springs in Idaho I should visit?

There are dozens of soakable natural hot springs in Idaho. Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs in Ketchum are natural hot springs that are contained by rock walls and feature nice sandy bottoms. These hot springs are accessible during the winter months but in the spring, the runoff may hide the pools.

For some of the best year-round hot springs in Idaho to visit, check out this list we created. You will not only find some of the best natural hot springs but also many hot springs resorts in Idaho that make for terrific winter getaways and day trip destinations.

Address: Kirkham Hot Springs, Idaho 21, Lowman, ID, USA