There’s A Diner On This Bus In Idaho And It’s The Quirkiest Place To Enjoy A Meal

You can never really predict what type of quirky restaurants you’ll stumble across here in Idaho. Our state is home to plenty of unique eateries, but this diner may just be the strangest of them all. The weird thing about this diner is that it isn’t located in a building. Instead, you’ll find it on a bus. Yep, it’s just as odd as it sounds, but it’s actually pretty amazing too. The atmosphere is one you’ll certainly remember, but it’s the food that will blow you away. Hop aboard and prepare to be wowed! This bus diner is definitely a dining experience you won’t forget.

What do you think? Would you eat at this bus diner? I know I would—the food looks downright amazing! Surprisingly, it turns out this isn’t the only bus restaurant in the state. Check out the Mexican Food Aboard This Quirky School Bus In Idaho for another one-of-a-kind dining destination.