The Best Road Food Is Hiding In This Completely Unassuming Highway Diner In Idaho

You can develop quite the appetite after spending hours out on the open road. It’s in these situations that you always get the craving for something not only delicious and satisfying but something familiar as well. Highway diners can be the perfect option for a craving like this. The one featured here can be found near the little town of Bliss, Idaho, and it’s the definition of a hidden gem. It may look like a pretty unassuming restaurant, but visitors who stop by soon find themselves devouring some of the best road food in the state. This place is bound to hit the spot so make it your mission to swing by soon.

Have you been to this little-known highway diner? This place is far from what you’d expect your average road food to look like! For more hidden gem spots, check out this list of 8 Restaurants In Idaho That Don’t Look Like Much But WOW, They Are Good.