People Drive From All Over For The Breakfast At This Charming Idaho Diner

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only is it important to start you day off with a full stomach, but breakfast food IS comfort food. Pancakes, waffles, hash browns, bacon…these breakfast classics never get old. There are dozens of wonderful breakfast eateries in the Gem State, but few are as amazing as the charming little diner featured below. This place is a true hidden gem. The small dining room, the massive portions, the nostalgic atmosphere; there’s a whole lot to love about this diner, especially if you love breakfast food. In fact, people travel from all over just to get a taste so be sure to check it out!

What’s your favorite place in Idaho for breakfast food? Let us know in the comments! For more delightful places to start your day, check out our list of 10 Restaurants In Idaho With The Best Brunch.