These 8 Awesome Tiny Homes In Hawaii Will Make You Want One

In 2013, the average size of a new single family home in America is 2,662 square feet. But do you really need all that space? Or the cost that is associated with it? Small house movement advocate Sarah Susanka would argue that too much space is unnecessary. With the increasing cost of real estate in Hawaii, and life typically led outdoors, the tiny house movement makes a lot of sense across the Aloha State.

After falling in love with tiny home living in Idaho, Kristie Wolfe bought a plot of land in Hawaii sight-unseen for $8,000. Then, with the help of her mother, she built an $11,000 bamboo tree house that perfectly fits into the surrounding landscape. “I think small homes are beautiful because it fits with my lifestyle. I think having a lot of stuff mentally weighs you down, even in ways that you don’t realize,” says Wolfe.

Tell us, do you dream of tiny house living, or are you the kind of person who needs more space to spread out?