These 8 Awesome Tiny Homes In Hawaii Will Make You Want One

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In 2018, the average size of a new single-family home in America was 2,623 square feet. But do you really need all that space — or the cost associated with it? Small house movement advocate Sarah Susanka would argue that too much space is unnecessary. With the increasing cost of real estate in Hawaii and locals choosing to spend as much time outdoors as possible, the tiny house movement makes a lot of sense across the Aloha State, and here are 8 tiny homes in Hawaii sure to fuel your daydreams.


Tell us, do you dream of tiny homes in Hawaii, or are you the kind of person who needs more space to spread out? Sound off in the comments, then check out this tiny house tucked away on a Hawaiian lava field that will give you a glimpse of what tiny living is really like. After all tiny living really should be experienced before you dive right in.

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August 31, 2020

What are the best places to live in Hawaii/? 

That depends. Some cities in the Aloha State are better suited for raising a family while others cater to retirees. Taking into account a wide variety of criteria, we have determined the 11 best places to live in Hawaii, which includes the best towns for everyone from families and retirees to surfers, adventurers, and millennials.

What is the average cost of real estate in Hawaii?

Hawaii features the most expensive home prices in the nation, with an average of $996,822 for a single-family home, and a median of $810,000. For comparison, the average home price across the country in 2020 is just $320,000. Townhomes and condos often sell for less — an average of $428,000 — but commonly include high HOA fees along with your mortgage. Unfortunately, renting isn't much better, with an average price of $2,400 per month spent by Hawaii renters. Despite all this, there’s nowhere else we’d rather call home than the beautiful Aloha State. Across the Hawaiian Islands, life is a little slower, and we choose to embody the Aloha Spirit in everything we do. When thought of in conjunction with our incredible natural beauty and world-class beaches, it’s no wonder why so many mainlanders dream of moving to — or at least vacationing in — Hawaii.

What are the benefits of tiny living in Hawaii? 

There's no doubt about it: the Hawaiian Islands is an expensive place to live, and going tiny — or at least a little smaller — can be a major money-saver. Living in a small space also means you have less to clean and maintain, giving you more time to spend in the great outdoors. Now, who wouldn't want that?