Step Into The World Of Narnia On This Forbidden Waterfall Hike In Hawaii

Found along every mile of coastline and in the heart of the islands’ interior, the Hawaiian Islands are known for their infinite number of natural wonders. Perhaps there is no greater wonder than the countless waterfalls found across the beautiful Aloha State – from Hawaii Island’s 442-foot Akaka Falls to Kauai’s Hanakapiai Falls and everywhere in between. And while all of Hawaii’s waterfalls are magical, there is one hidden spot sure to make your jaw drop to the floor and mutter in disbelief about how such a magical landscape even exists. This is what is commonly referred to as Narnia Falls, and trust me, it is absolutely as amazing as it sounds.

While we can’t tell you exactly where to find this lush oasis, it is located upstream of the popular Rainbow Falls on the Wailuku River and requires hiking and bouldering. For a glimpse of this forbidden adventure, check out this jaw-dropping video by Epic Tours:

Ready to go find Narnia Falls in Hawaii? We wish you the best of luck, but if you’re unable to find this paradise, perhaps this waterfall road trip will work as a substitute.

Address: Wailuku River, Hawaii 96720, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Narnia Falls

August 02, 2022

What are some other fairy tale places to visit in Hawaii?

The whole of Hawaii — all 137 isles — is pretty much a Middle Earth fantasy, but nowhere is this more fully realized than Akaka Falls State Park. The park’s headlining cascade, the 422-foot-tall Akaka Falls, is a spectacular scene that’s as theatrical and cinematic as it gets. Accessing this wonder requires just a half-mile hike through some of the most verdant forest and colorful flora in the Aloha State. You’ll hear the falls before you see them — and your mind will have trouble comprehending the immense beauty appearing before your eyes. Legend has it Akaka Falls was named after a Hawaiian god; after leaving his mistresses’ houses, Akaka heard his wife called his name and fled. Unfortunately, he wasn’t looking where he was going and fell off the cliff, transmuting into the waterfall itself. It’s a romantic tale that’s befitting of such a dramatic site.

Another place that’s straight from a story book is the beguiling Bamboo Forest. A place unlike any other on the planet, to access this natural wonder, you’ll head to the island of Maui and venture into the magical Haleakala National Park. Aptly named, the Bamboo Forest offers gorgeous greenery, plenty of bamboo, and just a touch of magic, which you’ll discover along the Pipiwai Trail. Along this gorgeous two-mile trek, hikers can expect to encounter scenic cascades, a gorgeous waterfall, and the most unusual attraction of all, a seemingly endless bamboo forest. Quickly after, the landscape gives way to a world of bamboo. Enter the forest and you’ll feel as though you’ve traveled to an entirely new landscape that feels like the fantasy of Narnia Falls!

Address: Wailuku River, Hawaii 96720, USA