These 11 Places Serve The Most Mouthwatering Malasadas In Hawaii

Malasadas – fluffy Portuguese doughnuts without a hole – are wildly popular throughout the Hawaiian Islands. A crispy golden brown exterior gives way to a soft and chewy inside in flavors like cinnamon sugar; some malasadas are even filled with custard, haupia, lilikoi, and guava. And while many argue that Leonard’s Bakery – the shop that made us fall in love with malasadas – is the best, there are countless other bakeries across the islands that do this magnificent treat justice. Seriously, ditch those boring doughnuts, and try a warm, doughy malasada from any of these 11 shops – trust us, your morning meeting will go much more smoothly when you grab a dozen malasadas to share.

There’s no doubt about it – I’m waking up early tomorrow to grab a few – or a dozen – malasadas from Leonard’s. If these sweet morsels of heaven aren’t your thing, be sure to check out these ten incredible Hawaiian desserts, as well as these eight donut shops.