Everyone In Hawaii Should See What’s Inside The Gates Of This Abandoned Zoo

The United States of America is home to countless sites that have been abandoned, some for just a few years and others for centuries. The Islands are no exception. And while you will find countless abandoned spots throughout the islands —from haunted roads and neighborhoods to abandoned schools and telegraph stations — there is perhaps no place more fascinating than the abandoned Paradise Park in Hawaii, an exotic bird zoo on the island of Oahu that was abandoned and left to battle nature in the early 1990s. Check it out and see why it’s one of the strangest places you can go in Hawaii (that you should definitely go to).

Have you ever heard of Paradise Park? Did you ever visit when it was an operating zoo? If so, share your experiences with us in the comments!

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Address: O‘ahu, Hawaii, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Paradise Park in Hawaii

July 20, 2022

Where is the infamous abandoned zoo in Hawaii?  

On the island of Oahu is the famous – well, infamous – abandoned zoo in Hawaii known as Paradise Park. It originally opened during the 1960s and showcased stunning gardens, exotic bird species, a dinosaur exhibit, and even a maze. It was very popular among children especially, who would come by the busload during the summer. In 1994, the zoo shut down for good and the buildings spent a brief time as a public charter school before closing again and being abandoned. Today, it’s a popular spot among urban explorers who enjoy investigating abandoned places in Hawaii 

What are some eerie abandoned places in Hawaii?  

Hawaii, like every other state, has its fair share of spooky history and, as a result, there are a handful of interesting, abandoned places in Hawaii that are at the very least worth reading about – or maybe even visiting! Some of our favorite creepy, abandoned placed in Hawaii include the eerie but fun Cocoa Palms Resort, in Kauai. It was originally built in 1953 and has the distinguishment of being Hawaii’s first-ever resort. Nowadays, though, it’s fallen far from its pinnacle days; once a favorite haunt of Elvis Presley, the grounds now seem to be haunted by everything, and some folks insist they are. Another abandoned spot in Hawaii worth mentioning is the old Kaniakapupu Ruins, built in 1845 as a respite away from western influence.  

What are some famous zoos in Hawaii history?  

Did you know that there are lots of famous zoos in Hawaii history that you can still visit today? It’s true! Some of the best zoos in Hawaii include the world-famous Honolulu Zoo, which is the only zoo in the United States that was funded entirely by a sovereign monarch. With more than 1,230 animals that call it home, it’s a powerhouse of a place to visit, and might just be one of the best things to do with kids in Hawaii. Another famous zoo in Hawaii isn’t a zoo so much as an aquarium: Waikiki Aquarium was founded in 1904 and, to this day, it remains one of the best aquariums in the United States.  

Address: O‘ahu, Hawaii, USA