The Winter Treehouse Escape In Georgia Is A Charming Seasonal Getaway

Believe it or not, now is the time people need a vacation more than ever. Stresses of life build up, especially during the winter months, and oftentimes people want to disconnect for a little bit and disappear in nature, while still retaining the creature comforts of home. Does this sound like you? Well don’t worry, we have a place in Georgia where you can spend a few days in nature, even when it snows, and have a magical experience by yourself or with whomever you’d like to share it with. Check out the Sereni-Tree House in Georgia for a charming winter treehouse getaway.

Does this getaway in Georgia sound like a dream come true? You can book the Sereni-tree House in Georgia for around $45 per night through Airbnb. Just head on over to their Airbnb Page for available reservation dates and more information!

Address: Suches, GA 30572, USA