The One Place To Sleep In Georgia That’s Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

What if we told you there is a place in Georgia where you can sleep beside a waterfall and have 4.5 acres of land completely to yourself? This particular place is Northern Georgia is a true camper’s paradise. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, guests who rent out this Secluded Waterfall Haven have access to on-site waterfalls, an abundance of hiking opportunities and a warm campfire to lull them to sleep at night. Take a look at this one place to sleep in Georgia that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re thinking about making a reservation for this beaut, you can find the information on how to reserve right here. Otherwise, if you’re looking for other interesting or romantic accommodations in Georgia, take a look at The Charming Cabin Hiding In The Georgia Mountains That Will Give You An Unforgettable Overnight Stay.