There’s Something Incredibly Bizarre And Fascinating About This One Tiny Town In Georgia

When you first observe Peachtree City in Georgia, it may look like every other suburban town you come across. You’ll notice nice, well-maintained houses with kids playing in the yards, the family-friendly smell of BBQ wafting down the street from one of the many backyard picnics happening over the summer and nearly 10,000 golf carts driving past on any given day.

Oh wait, that last one. That’s a bit out of the norm, right?

Such is life in Peachtree City, where electric golf carts rule the entire town of nearly 35,000 inhabitants. Almost every family in this town of 35,000 has one of the low-speed, low-carbon vehicles. So where you would normally see a sea of SUVs parked alongside each other, instead you see a flurry of golf carts.


Together, these families in Peachtree City roam the 90 miles of cart-compatible paths, and go about their daily chores; picking up groceries, taking kids to school, and swinging by the local Taco Bell for a snack.

This is much different from a regular retirement community one might stumble upon, say in Florida. This small golf cart community began with golf in mind, but then ended up thinking about long term use and the effects on the environment. The phenomenon began in the 1960s, after the very first golf course in Peachtree City was constructed. Residents wanted a cart-specific path to access the course. From there it quickly grew, even influencing State legislation in 1974 to allow golf carts on public streets. It was eventually concluded that even families who didn’t have a golfer in the family chose to have a cart as a primary means for transportation around town because of the discovery that golf carts could make a million trips a year that would otherwise be made by larger vehicles. Saving the environment, saving the economy, making the neighborhood a safer place to live—check, check, check.

Every year, the residents of Peachtree City gather together on July 4th for their annual golf cart parade. The golf carts are decorated with American flags and other patriotic regalia, and driven up and down for other residents and visitors to admire. Take an in-depth look below, from a video by the Associated Press:

It’s such a fun tiny town, with a huge impact on society. Can you see yourself living in Peachtree City? Tell us why!

Address: Peachtree City, GA, USA