The Tiny Beach Town In Georgia You’ve Never Heard Of But Need To Visit

We’re lucky enough to live in a state that has a slice of geography smack dab on the Atlantic Ocean. Not every state in the country is lucky enough to be right on the ocean, or even on surrounded by great bodies of water such as the Altamaha River. It’s important to highlight the tiny towns along the coast that are the bread and butter of what makes Georgia’s coastline so special. This tiny beach town, for instance, you may have never heard of—but after learning all about it, a visit may be in order.

Have you ever been to Darien, Georgia? Share with us your experience! Otherwise, if you’re looking to learn a little bit more about Altie, Darien’s own Loch Ness monster, check out The Mythical Creature That Tormented A Small Georgia Town Will Give You Nightmares.