The Taco Shop In An Old, Historic Train Station In Georgia Is Just What Your Tastebuds Have Been Waiting For

A few months back, we wrote about a restaurant that has been receiving tons of praise within Georgia’s capital city: Get A Taste Of The Restaurant In Georgia That Has A Retro Twist Everyone Will Love. As it turns out, this retro restaurant shares their space with a small taco joint and coffee shop that has been making waves in the Georgia foodie scene. Not only are their tacos becoming the 2018 “must-sink-your-teeth-into-item” but the historic space they call home is worth checking out, too.

Ready to try out these hidden delights at Muchacho? Use the address below to direct you toward greatness:

904 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta, Georgia

Have you been to Muchacho already? You’re ahead of the curve. Share with us your experience in the comments sections! We would love to hear from you. 🙂