You’ll Want To Try This Strange Yet Satisfying Autumn Activity In Georgia

Over the years, The Rock Ranch has put on some pretty phenomenal seasonal activities perfect for the entire family. But there is one particular event that cannot be rivaled anywhere else in the state. Heck, anywhere else in the country even. We’re talking about an autumn activity so strange, yet so satisfying, that you won’t even believe your eyes. Welcome, Georgians, to National Pumpkin Destruction Day at The Rock Ranch.

So, what are you waiting for?! “Smash it, don’t trash it”! If you’re ready to purchase tickets to National Pumpkin Destruction Day, make sure to click here. Huge thanks to local photographer Donna Flournoy for the great photos above! If you’re looking for more fall fun things to do in Georgia, then you may enjoy 10 Haunted Hayrides In Georgia That Will Scare You In The Best Way Possible.