The Most Remote Island In Georgia Is Also The Most Peaceful

There are plenty of great beaches in Georgia. Our barrier islands are beautiful. You’ll find many visitors to places like Jekyll Island and Tybee Island, particularly in the summertime months when tourism hits its peak. But did you know we’ve also got a remote island in the Peach State were you can find all kinds of peace? Little Tybee Island is just off the coast of the more famous Tybee Island, but you can only reach it via boat or kayak. Due to the remote location, it doesn’t get nearly the number of visitors you’ll find at the better-known Tybee Island. This place is stunning!

Keep in mind when traveling out to Little Tybee Island that the tide changes occur every six hours and can be pretty dramatic.

For more information about either of the Tybee islands, check out Visit Tybee.

Have you ever been to Tybee Island, and were you aware that Little Tybee Island exists? Share your experiences in the comments!

Address: Little Tybee Island, Georgia 31328, USA