We love little known restaurants in Georgia. They usually are the ones with the best flavors and most interesting menus. We’ve written extensively about little known spots or hole-in-the-wall restaurants, so consider this a part two of sorts. (Or maybe even part three or part four.) This time, we ventured even further into those small towns in Georgia to really pick the brains of the locals who swear by their hidden gems. Take a look at these 11 joints to make our list.

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If those didn’t make you open up a new browser tab and search the menu of one of these spots, then maybe this article will: These 10 Secret Restaurants In Georgia Are Unforgettable.

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Little Known Restaurants In Georgia

Where can I find the best pizza in Georgia?

It is extremely common for hidden gem restaurants in Georgia to have some of the best food in the state. But if you’re specifically looking for the best pizza in the state, we have a few go-to spots to consider. First, Vinnie Van Go-Go’s in Georgia has been dubbed the best pizza in Savannah with Neapolitan pies cooked to perfection. Additionally, Yelp has reviewed the top pizzas in Georgia and Luigi’s Slice of Italy in Buford has been voted the best of the best.

Where can I experience rooftop dining in Georgia?

If you’re looking for where to dine in Georgia with impressive views, then you should take a look at rooftop dining options. Georgia has a few restaurants that really come to life high in the sky, especially during the warmer months. Estrella Restaurant in Atlanta, for instance, is a paradise evoking 1950’s-Miami, art deco vibes. Meanwhile, Nine Mile Restaurant in Atlanta has incredible views of the city skyline as you brunch. 

What are the most iconic restaurants in Georgia?

Many of the best local restaurants in Georgia have been around for decades, with visitors classifying them as iconic within the state. While becoming an iconic restaurant in Georgia takes time, there are a few that are well-known across the country. H&H Soul Food in Macon is a prime example, serving delicious food since 1959. But if you want a list of some of the most well-known dining spots that have become iconic over the years, then check out these 11 famous restaurants in Georgia.