The Lighthouse Road Trip On The Georgia Coast That’s Dreamily Beautiful

There is something truly magical about a lighthouse. The history, the views from high in the air with a salty breeze whispering against your face, and of course the swoon-worthy photo opportunities. Along the Georgia coast, there are some seriously stunning lighthouses that are still standing and filled with incredible history. Thus, the reason why we decided to create The Great Georgia Lighthouse Road Trip.

In total, it’ll take you a little more than two hours to complete the trip, but we recommend allowing a bit more time in between to take in the sights and snap some pictures. You can find the entire road trip map here.

We hope you enjoy the Great Georgia Lighthouse Road Trip! Once you complete it in entirety, make sure you share your journey and photos with us! Or, if you’re looking for more incredible road trips through Georgia, then check out There’s A BBQ Trail In Georgia And It’s Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of.