This Road Trip To Georgia’s Most Majestic Castles Is Like Something From A Fairytale

Did you know that Georgia was home to a handful of castles? Most likely not. Heck, we weren’t even aware of a few of these until we came across them ourselves. But, truth be told, we found enough castles in Georgia to make an entire weekend trip out of exploring them. Welcome to the castle road trip through Georgia that is as memorable as it sounds.

If you’re a fan of castles or you simply are all about Game of Thrones and need an awesome photo op, then this is your chance to check out Georgia’s most majestic castles. It will feel like you’re in Scotland, yet you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home state. Fill up your tank, get your closest friends together, and take a road trip through Georgia that you’ll never forget.

The entire trip takes just around 8.5 hours, which makes it the perfect weekend road trip idea. You can find the entire map here.

Your homework assignment after completing this majestic road trip is to report back to us with what you saw! We’d love to see how many people enjoy this quirky road trip.

Safe travels, everyone!

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Address: 12570 Arnold Mill Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004
Address: 121 Cavender Castle Drive, Dahlonega, GA 30533
Address: 436 Liberty Church Rd NE, Ranger, GA 30734
Address: 33300 Highway 157, Menlo, GA 30731
Address: Colley St, Grantville, GA 30220, USA
Address: 87 15th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA
Address: 1516 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA
Address: Glenn-Viniard Rd, Chickamauga, GA 30707, USA
Address: 571 Ridge Rd, Helen, GA 30545, USA
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Castle Road Trip Through Georgia

December 14, 2020

Can I spend the night in a castle in Georgia?

Not all of the castles in Georgia will allow you to spend the night, but actually, the very first on our above-mentioned list will! Bonnie Castle in Grantville, Georgia not only has a fascinating history, but it also doubles as a bed and breakfast. So you can get your fill on all of the stories, plus spend the night in this magical place. Oh, we should also probably mention that some have said it to be haunted. Are you brave enough to spend the night?

Are there any castle-themed places in Georgia?

Beyond some of the largest homes in Georgia also doubling as castles as seen above, there is another castle-themed spot that is worth visiting. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is a family-favorite attraction that pairs old time entertainment with a 4-course and utensil-free meal. All of this and more set inside a castle-like structure! 

What places in Georgia should I see before I die?

Out of all of the places to visit in Georgia, we can recommend a handful that are an absolute MUST. For starters, these 13 unimaginably beautiful places in Georgia should definitely be seen in person because photos just don't do them justice. Meanwhile, we also have an ultimate Georgia bucket list for anyone who doesn’t know where to even start. Also, these 10 unforgettable road trips in Georgia will lead you to some pretty impressive attractions throughout the state.