Keep An Eye Out For A Destructive And Invasive Species Of Worm In Georgia This Year

It seems like invasive species are constantly in the news. While the recent appearance of Joro spiders has been making headlines recently, they’re not technically considered an invasive species. They don’t appear to be harmful to any native species, so the technical term to describe Joro spiders is non-native. One non-native species in Georgia that is most definitely wreaking havoc on the local ecosystem is the hammerhead worm, also known as land planarians. These frightening worms have been present in Georgia for years, and over the last few summers, their numbers have been increasing dramatically. They have been killing off native worms that are much more beneficial to the environment. Read on to find out more.

Yuck! Even if you area  fan of creepy crawlies, these things are on the icky side! Have you spotted hammerhead worms in Georgia? Share your experiences in the comments!