These 12 Houses In Georgia From The 1930s Will Open Your Eyes To A Different Time

Georgia was a completely different state in the 1930s. Almost 70% of the population in Georgia was rural in 1930, and the farmers were hit especially hard during the Great Depression. To top it all off, one of Georgia’s worst droughts happened during 1930-1931, further adding to the distress of Georgia farmers. Architecture is so important because it’s really indicative of how societies lived, as seen by the photographs of houses below. During that time, people were so bad off financially that the typical Georgia family had no electricity, no running water and no indoor bathrooms. The New Deal brought several relief programs to farmers in Georgia, and some of the houses pictured below are a result of those programs. Check out these 12 houses in Georgia from the 1930s. They will surely open your eyes to a different time!

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