Few People Know There Are Quail Statues Hidden Around Thomasville, Georgia

South Georgia is a popular quail-hunting area. There are several plantations and preserves around the southwest corner of the state where you can have your shot at plenty of feathered fowl. Down in Thomasville, you can find plenty of quail, though perhaps not the kind you’re thinking of. There are 18 bronze quail statues hiding all over downtown Thomasville in a little quail trail that’s the perfect afternoon adventure even for those who aren’t fans of traditional hunting.

The quail were created by famed wildlife sculptor Paul Rhymer. It’s so neat to see them out and about in the “wild!” You can get more information about the Quail Trail in Thomasville from the City of Thomasville website.

Thomasville is such a great place to visit! Did you know it’s considered one of the friendliest cities in Georgia?

Address: Thomasville, GA, USA