15 Pieces Of Graffiti In Georgia So Brilliant They Should Be In A Museum

It’s amazing what we consider to be art. Whether its a child’s finger painting, or a mad dash of lines on a canvas created by a coveted artist, people will exclaim that it’s art. However, the underground world of graffiti has long been deemed an illegal, and therefore illegitimate, form of art. I think that graffiti deserves its place in the art world, if not on abandoned buildings, then it should be in museums. Here are 15 pieces of graffiti in Georgia that are so brilliant that they should be in museums:

I love to showcase the beauty of Georgia in all of its forms–even through graffiti. Recently, graffiti has made its way into mainstream art. An intriguing documentary called, Exit Through The Gift Shop follows graffiti sensation Banksy, (you’ve probably seen his ar,t) and how his art became a world wide sensation. It really shows the depth of the world of graffiti. What do you think about graffiti? Is it just a criminal activity, or could it be used as a legitimate form of art? Discuss in the comments below!

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