Explore A 100-Year-Old Gold Mine On This Underground Tour In Georgia

Georgians, get ready for the ultimate underground adventure. For anyone who isn’t too familiar with the ever-beautiful town of Dahlonega, one of its claims to fame involves being the site of a huge gold rush back in 1828. During this time period, there was so much gold in Dahlonega that it was laying on top of the grounds, washing off mountainsides, and ready for collecting! While you won’t find much obvious gold nowadays, there is still a chance for you to take a trip back in time and enjoy the magic. Visit Consolidated Gold Mine in Dahlonega for the ultimate underground tour in an actual historic gold mine.

Have you ever taken the Consolidated Gold Mine tour in Dahlonega before? Share with us your experience in the comments section! Hopefully, you walked away with something shiny. If you want more information about this tour, including current rates and hours of operation, then check out the Consolidated Gold Mine website.

Address: Consolidated Gold Mine Road, Consolidated Gold Mine Rd, Dahlonega, GA 30533, USA