The One Georgia City With A Positively Magical Secret

There has been a bit of whimsy peppering the city of Atlanta for the past couple of years, and truth be told, if you’re not looking for it you probably will walk right on by.

Atlanta, Georgia is covered with tiny doors. These tiny doors have been perfectly constructed and added to secret spots throughout the city, in hopes to inspire more curiosity and wonder within the Atlanta community. Maybe you have seen a few and thought nothing of it, but for those of you who have wondered about these tiny little doors, this is your chance to be inspired.

There are currently 12 doors in existence in Georgia, and the perfect map to find each one. You can access the map in entirety here. Otherwise, if you’re interested in seeing how Karen Anderson initially started this project in Ann Arbor, Michigan with magical fairy doors, then you’ll love The One Michigan City With A Positively Magical Secret.