It’s Impossible To Drive Through This Delightful Georgia Town Without Stopping

Small towns in Georgia are practically the bread and butter of this state’s charm. While major cities are unique unto their own, it really is the small towns that pull this state together to make it as Southernly-delightful as it is. We’ve posted before our ultimate small town Georgia road trip, which will take a weekend in itself. But there is one small town in Georgia, a quaint one full of history and charm that is impossible to drive through without stopping. Check it out.

If you feel like visiting Toccoa, then there is no special address. Just pop in the town’s name into your GPS, or click on the map below.

Thanks to YouTuber Precision Aerial Media, we have a beautiful drone video of Toccoa Falls and the surrounding town.

Have you ever visited Toccoa? Share with us your experience! Or if you want to check out more small towns in Georgia, then you’ll love This Charming Georgia Town Is Picture Perfect For An Autumn Day Trip.