This Day Trip To The Deepest Cave In Georgia Is Full Of Adventure

There is much to be said about the cave systems in Georgia, and for avid spelunkers, it becomes so much more than just a hobby. This particular cave in Georgia, for instance, known as Sitton’s Cave has a fascinating and unusual history. But the caves in Georgia are more than just unique stories and historical points. They are rare and beautiful, and worth exploration for those who are brave and willing. Ready for a day trip in Georgia that’ll blow your mind?

Disclaimer: Despite being a public cave, it is highly encouraged that explorers are not venturing out on their own without experience or professional guides. This cave is dangerous and requires the appropriate equipment and gear. Do not forget to talk to rangers at the park and advise them of when you are returning.


What do you think about Ellison’s Cave? Would you be willing to plan a day trip? For more information about the caving systems in Walker County, Georgia, click here.