These 8 Conspiracy Theories About The Georgia Guidestones Will Make You Question Everything

Editor’s Note: The Georgia Guidestones were destroyed in 2022 by vandals.

If you’re from Georgia, you’ve most likely heard of the Georgia Guidestones. Located in Nuberg, these four granite slabs have been at the center of wild, and very intense conspiracy theories for the past 30 years. But have you asked yourself, why all the attention? Why all the mystery? To understand the conspiracies, we first must look at the facts.

In 1979, a man using the pseudonym “R.C. Christian” produced plans to build a monument. He made it very clear that money was no obstacle and that there needed to be the utmost discretion in the building process. The design took four granite slabs, each nearly 20 feet tall, and arranged them in a cluster. From there, they were to be topped with a smaller, horizontal slab. Sounds simple enough, right?

But then there’s the weird part—the inscription. “R.C. Christian” insisted that each of the vertical stones was to be inscribed with the same 10 axioms, or guidelines for humanity. Each of the guidelines were carved in eight languages.

The mystery is that nobody knows who “R.C. Christian” was. Nobody knows why these Guidestones are there. Nobody knows what they were meant for or their purpose. This is where the conspiracies come in. Take a look at eight of the top conspiracy theories surrounding the Georgia Guidestones.

There you have a few of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Georgia Guidestones. It’s a fascinating mystery that still remains unsolved. Do you believe the conspiracies? Or better yet, do you have any of your own? Share in the comments below!


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