This Canopy Walk In Florida Will Make Your Stomach Drop

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to swing through the trees, we have the perfect place for your next adventure. The TreeUmph! Adventure Course in Bradenton is not just a canopy walk, it’s an entire treetop adventure.

The park sprawls over 14 acres of lush Florida scenery, with pine and live oak canopies. With several courses at different levels of difficulty, visitors climb over suspension bridges, cling to hanging nets, swing on Tarzan ropes and fly through the air on Zip-lines.

Assuming you’re not afraid of heights, it looks like a ton of fun. The park is perfect for family outings, teambuilding exercises, and parties for kids ages seven and up.

Check out the photos and video below of this awesome treetop adventure:

Have you been to TreeUmph! Adventure Course? Would you be brave enough try this crazy treetop adventure?