Teak Neighborhood Grill In Florida Has Nearly 25 Different Burgers To Choose From

There is a time to dine and there is a time to feast with reckless abandon. You know the difference, right? You would likely dine at Southern gem Nikki’s Place in Orlando. Yet, you would chow down with reckless abandon at a place like I Heart Mac and Cheese. You get the difference now, I’m sure. So the next time you’re feeling like you want to feast your little heart out on oddball comfort food combos, then Teak Neighborhood Grill in Florida is your spot.

Have you ever eaten at Teak Neighborhood Grill in Georgia before? Share with us your experience in the comments section! Or if you’re looking for more information about this wild burger spot, then check out the website or Facebook Page. There are two Teak locations to choose from, one in Orlando and one in Maitland. So check out which one is closest to you!

Address: 6400 Time Square Ave, Orlando, FL 32835, USA
Address: 901 S Orlando Ave, Maitland, FL 32751, USA