Paddling This Clear River To King’s Landing In Florida Will Make You Feel Like You’re In The Amazon

There is something about being able to spend the day paddling along a beautiful river in Florida that will just level up anybody’s week. While Florida might not be a state widely known for river paddling, this excursion is in a league all of its own. This is not your average paddling trip, and in fact, you might just feel like you’ve entered into a different continent entirely. If you’re in need of an adventure that will take you to another place entirely, check out King’s Landing in Florida.

Address: 5722 Baptist Camp Road, Apopka, FL 32712

Hours of Operation: Open daily, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

To learn more about King’s Landing in Florida, visit the website or Facebook Page. Have you ever been to this area of Florida before? Share with us your favorite moments of your trip! Also, if you’re looking for other unique things to do in Florida, then check out this state park with an off-shore shipwreck.

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Address: Apopka, FL 32712, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

King's Landing In Florida

October 25, 2020

What's the most beautiful place to kayak in Florida?

Truth be told, there are some really stunning places to kayak in Florida that you will not want to miss out on. While some visitors will say that King’s Landing mentioned above is one of the most beautiful, others might prefer the ocean. For instance, kayaking around Sanibel Island in Florida is something truly beautiful—the clear ocean water, the salt water, the seashells! Meanwhile, the Suwannee River offers kayakers the chance to set up shop and camp for free right on the river banks—showers and all! 

Where can I find the longest river in Florida?

Kayaking in Florida will bring about a few different opportunities to spend the day on the water. Whether you’re on the ocean or a river, you’ll be able to kayak for hours and see tons of natural beauty. But what about kayaking the largest river in the state? Go big or go home, right? Well, the longest river in Florida happens to be the St. John’s River and there is plenty of opportunity for kayaking along the 310 miles of river. Make your way through 12 different counties when you tackle this trip—we just can’t guarantee you’ll be finished quickly from start to finish. Check out these Florida rivers for more kayaking ideas.

What are the most well-known beaches in Florida?

Looking for the clearest water in Florida? Want to feel like you’re in the Caribbean despite still being in the U.S.? We have a few crystal clear swimming spots that offer up some really breathtaking water. First and foremost, it should be said that some of the clearest and cleanest water in Florida is found on the Emerald Coast, up in the panhandle. But if you want to be more specific then you should check out The Keys, which has water so clear you can see to the bottom of the ocean floor.