Some Think This Amazing Spot In Florida Is Actually The Garden Of Eden

Would you believe that the Bible’s Garden of Eden was right here in Florida?

While we can’t say for sure this is true, there was a man named Elvin Callaway who believed he had found the birthplace of man in the town of Bristol in Northwest Florida. He based his discovery on the fact that the Apalachicola River splits into rivers, like the one described in Genesis that watered the Garden of Eden. He also pointed to the existence of the rare Torreya tree, which only grows in a small area along the bluffs of the Apalachicola. The Torreya is also called gopher wood, which is mentioned in the Bible as the wood used by Noah for the Ark.

Callaway bought the land, and in the early ’50s developed it into a park with trails and signs pointing out the locations of Biblical events. In the early ’70s, he published a book called In The Beginning that explained his theory. The land, which is home to so much unique and rare wildlife, is now owned by the Nature Conservancy. Visitors can still walk The Garden of Eden Trail at the Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve, but the steep ups and downs of the ravine landscape make it one of the most challenging hikes in Florida. Luckily, the scenic bluffs and interesting history make this hike one of the most rewarding, as well.

Have you ever hiked this trail? What do you think of Callaway’s theory?