This Hidden Water Trail Will Take You To Delaware’s Very Own Paradise

If you’ve spent any time in Sussex County, you’ve probably driven over Waples Pond dozens of times, without really noticing. This small pond is technically in Milton, but it’s far from the town’s vibrant center. And on any drive down Route 1, the pond and marshes all start to blend together. What’s truly amazing about this small pond is the secret it’s keeping. If you own (or rent) a kayak, canoe, or other watercraft, you can drop in right here and paddle into paradise on Prime Hook Creek.

Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most important places in Delaware for birds and wildlife of all types. It truly is a wonder, hiding right here in the First State! To learn more about Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, read The Hidden Park That Will Make You Feel Like You’ve Discovered Delaware’s Best Kept Secret.