The Spooky Small Town Of Middlebury In Connecticut Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

It doesn’t have to be Halloween in order to have a little bit of spooky fun in Connecticut. For those who like to take ghost hunting adventures or haunted small town experiences to the next level, then we have the ultimate town that you have got to put on your bucket list. The scariest town in Connecticut happens to have never been inhabited by humans, and in fact, it was built for another purpose entirely. Have we piqued your interest yet? Great, because this place in Connecticut happens to have one of the strangest, spookiest backstories that you’ll ever hear. Buckle in, folks, this is one wild ride…

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Address: Middlebury, CT 06762, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Scariest Town In Connecticut

January 18, 2020

What is the most haunted place in Connecticut?

Did the story above spark an interest in you to get out there and explore other haunted places in Connecticut? The good news is, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from within the state. From cemeteries to haunted, historic buildings, there are tons of creepy places to visit in Connecticut no matter your preference. While it’s hard to choose just one haunted spot to rival them all, we can recommend a few of the more notable options: Union Cemetery, Stepney Cemetery, Dudleytown, Hearthstone Castle, and Fairfield Hills State Hospital. 

Where can I go ghost hunting in Connecticut?

For all of the novice ghost hunters out there, get ready for a wild ride. It doesn’t need to be October in order to participate in ghost hunting in Connecticut. Many of the ghost hunting opportunities that are out there come in the form of exploring places that have been known to have paranormal activity, generally with a guide at the helm. The best way to ghost hunt is to find a tour and let a professional guide you through the experience and the history of the area. Also, for a little bit more of a nudge, check out the 11 best places to spot a ghost in Connecticut.

What are the best small towns in Connecticut?

Outside of the more haunted spots in Connecticut, sometimes it’s also fun just to check out a few of the charming small towns, too! Plan your travels around exploring some of the top small towns in Connecticut, like Madison, Putnam, Niantic, Westport, and Milford.

Address: Middlebury, CT 06762, USA