Take An Eco-Tour With Captain Morgan’s Boat Charters, A Unique Way To Connect With Connecticut Nature

When you think about guided nature tours, your mind probably goes to lengthy walks through the woods. Don’t get us wrong, those are fantastic opportunities to get out and see plants and wildlife that you might not normally come in contact with. But here in the Nutmeg State, we like to do things a little differently. How wonderful does a nature tour in Connecticut from a boat sound? Captain Morgan’s Boat Training and Charters will allow you to do just that. You can choose for a one-hour or two-hour ride up the Connecticut River. Keep your eyes peeled: you never know what kind of wildlife you might spy!

For more information about Captain Morgan’s tour or other boat tours in Connecticut, check out thisĀ website.

Would you take a boat ride tour in Connecticut with Captain Morgan’s Boat Charters, or do you prefer hikes through the woods? Share your thoughts in the comments!