The Party-Sized Pizza At Angelina’s Pizza In Connecticut Is Insane And Outrageously Delicious

We’re famous for our pizza restaurants in Connecticut. After all, the cult classic film “Mystic Pizza” was inspired by a joint in the Constitution State. We’ve got New York style pizzas, Chicago style pizzas, pizzas with exotic toppings, plain old chain pizzas. But what about those times you need a huge pizza? Maybe you’re having a family gathering, or planning a big birthday party. Maybe you’re getting together with a couple of buddies and you guys have massive appetites. In times when you need the biggest pizza in Connecticut, look no further than Angelina’s Pizzeria.

You can find out more information about this West Hartford institution at the pizzeria’s website.

Have you eaten the massive pizzas at Angelina’s Pizzeria? Share your favorite topping in the comments!

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Address: Angelina's Pizza, 41 Prospect Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, USA