This Disturbing Unsolved Mystery In Connecticut That Will Leave You Baffled

The Hartford Circus Fire was a tragedy that turned into a head-scratching mystery. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus was the largest in the country, but in 1944 its show became the sight of one of the worst fire disasters in the history. Sixty-seven people were killed and more than seven hundred were injured.But a lot of questions were never answered, like what (or who) started the fire in the first place.

Here you see the big top being consumed by flames as attendants flee from the tent in fear:

And here is all that was left the next day as workers searched through the rubble:

The Hartford Circus Fire made national headlines and caused residents to be weary of circus events. PT Barnum’s show didn’t return for years after the incident. People continue to search for answers to this unsolved mystery, just as investigators look for the truth behind these haunted Connecticut locales. Maybe it was a lack of technology, or maybe something strange was happening. What do you think?