These 5 Unbelievable Ruins In Connecticut Will Transport You To The Past

A prison, a mill, a castle, a religious retreat and a quarry – what could they possibly have in common? Outside of the cities, deep in the woods, there are some abandoned places in Connecticut. They aren’t just lacking residents, these places have been isolated for years. Some have been forgotten and some just neglected for so long. They have succumbed to nature and started to crumble back down into the earth. These ruins will take you back in time to a place deep in the past.

Once glorious, these ruins have seen better days – yet they are still oddly enchanting. Have you ever visited any of these places? Or do you know of a hidden ruin in Connecticut that you want to share? Let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Keep reading to learn about the ruins of an abandoned Connecticut hospital that will haunt your dreams.