The Massive Connecticut Blizzard Of February 1978 Will Never Be Forgotten

Some people think 2013 was the worst winter ever, but for those who can remember the Blizzard of 1978, they know this state has seen a lot worse. Part of what made this blizzard so legendary was the fact that it took the entire New England region by surprise. The storm started with flurries in the late afternoon but quickly developed into one of the worst blizzards in state history. Winter weather in Connecticut tends to be chilly, but there’s nothing fun about a massive flurry of heavy winter weather. Striking on February 5th, the winter of 1978 certainly went out with a bang! Do you remember this epic snow day? It’s considered the largest blizzard in Connecticut, and no one’s objecting.

Check out this video footage of the storm:

The Blizzard of 1978 is one of the most memorable events in Connecticut history, and set all sorts of records when it comes to winter weather in Connecticut. If you were there for the largest blizzard in Connecticut, tell us about it!

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Largest Blizzard In Connecticut

December 14, 2019

When was the biggest blizzard in Connecticut?

It’s hard to put a finger on the biggest blizzard that hit the state of Connecticut. Due to its location in the heart of the United State’s New England region, it can be pummeled by chilly winds from the ocean as well as sweeping down from the tundras of Canada. Still, folks tend to consider the snowfall of 2013 as the biggest blizzard in the state’s recent years, with 40 inches of snow falling in Hamden and a majority of the state stuck under a solid two feet. Snow was recorded falling at 4 to 5 inches an hour, and the weight of it kept folks off the roads and had rooftops collapsing under the sudden strain. The blizzard of 1978 is also considered legendary, and the blizzard of 1888 set some serious records for chilly days and snowfall.

What is the most snow ever recorded in Connecticut?

The record for the most snowfall ever recorded in Connecticut was set in the mid-1990’s, with 115 inches falling during the winter of 1995 to 1996. Connecticut likes to play host to some serious winter weather all season long, but February tends to be the snowiest month in the state. With chilly winds coming in and cooling the state from late October through the middle of April, visitors will definitely want to bundle up and bring some thermals and a jacket. It gets chilly!

What is winter weather in Connecticut typically like?

Winters in Connecticut tend to be incredibly cold, beginning during the month of November and peaking in January. The rainfall tends to be fairly consistent throughout the year, but the low temperatures during a Connecticut winter will range from 1°F to 3°F. The coldest month of the year by far is January, with July rounding out the weather temperature spectrum as the warmest month.

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