The World’s Largest Hot Springs Pool Is Right Here In Colorado And You Need To Visit

As summer steadily creeps up on us, you’ll find us more frequently discussing places where we can slide into the water for pure relaxation. We all have our own favorite swimming spots that we’ve been visiting while living here in Colorado, but there’s one destination that we’ll simply never grow tired of. Ready to get away from it all? Then let’s check out the world’s largest hot springs pool that’s right here in our state!

To see all that’s waiting for you at this unbelievable resort, check out the gorgeous footage captured by GlenwoodHotSprings via YouTube below!

Do you plan on crossing this incredible destination off of your bucket list? If you’ve already visited, we encourage you to share your own photos with us in the comments section! To check out another unbelievable swimming spot, Visit This Sand Dune Waterpark In Colorado Before It’s Gone For Good!