This Colorado Convenience Store May Look Normal But Something Incredibly Strange Is Going On Inside

7-11; home to cheap gas, sweet Slurpees, and terrifying demons! Wait… terrifying demons?! Well in the case of the 7-11 on 16601 E Smoky Hill Rd in Aurora, there supposedly are…

It may look innocent on the outside, but legend has it that the iconic convenience store was built on an old Indian reservation, causing some spooky and unexplainable occurrences. For example, every evening between midnight and 3:00 a.m., things randomly fall off shelves, strange voices can be heard, and glowing red eyes can be seen from the back of a cooler. (Remind me to NEVER visit this 7-11 at night!)

What do you think: Is the 7-11 haunted or is it merely a ghost story?

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